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About Us

The mission of NoyzRadio is to:

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— Continually provide high energy and positive entertainment that is of the highest quality to our diverse international listeners.

— Unite the Caribbean, Asian, and African Diaspora around the world.

— Provide an international forum for DJs worldwide to play and share their music encompassing all genres of music.

— Enrich, enlighten, and educate our listeners through music and topical     discussions on a daily basis.

About Us:

NoyzRadio is a local web-based radio station located in Brooklyn, NY, which started its broadcasting in November 2008.

The services offered by Noyz Radio includes: (i) providing airtime and exposure for new and upcoming artists to the international market; (ii) providing an inexpensive medium for local and international business owners to advertise their products and services worldwide; (iii) connecting the cultures of the world in a single platform where cultural exchanges could be realized; (iv) providing a forum where aspiring DJs and radio personalities have an opportunity to offer a greater depth and breadth of programming; (v) bringing a variety of music genres to our local and international audience; and (v) facilitating the growth and development of our young DJs by giving them their own segment on the station so that they can reach their peers through lively and invigorating educational programes.

Over the past two years, NoyzRadio has been involved in the promotion of some world-recognized events including:

–The Brooklyn Music Festival 2009-2010

–The New England Music Festival 2009

–The Pennsylvania Music Festival 2009-2010

–The New Jersey Jazz Music Festival 2009-2010

–Steve Mills Album Release Party 2009

–Promotions for Jammin’s Productions

Mr. Wade Gibbs (Spiceram) “D-Immortal One” is the man behind the vision of NoyzRadio. As a result of his forward-thinking approach and unrelenting drive to continually think “outside of the box”, Noyz Radio was among the first to introduce an interactive viewing and chat platform for its audience. On average, NoyzRadio has a listenership of about 2 million on a monthly basis.

As we forge ahead, we are cognizant of our purpose to continually provide entertainment to our audience that is enriching with the aim to positively change the lives of our viewers.

Please visit our site http://www.noyzradio.com to learn how our products and services can help you and/or your business realize its potential.